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All ministry comes out of prayer and

waiting on God ..

On our DTS Outreach we were praying about what to share with the high school age refugee kids at the school we were ministering at.

When we shared our impressions with each other Yoshi (DTS Student) said “It’s a bit weird, but I got a picture of a mango”. We talked some more about what we knew about these kids and God led us to write a skit about a professor who knew everything there was to know about mangoes and a nobody kid who actually tasted and experienced them, their juiciness and sweetness: it was an analogy for personally knowing God vs knowing about him.

Later a local fruit van (that appeared at random times) came along at just the right time for us to buy some mangoes for the class. On the day we did an icebreaker with the kids and asked them “What’s your favourite fruit?” – about 80% of them said “mangoes”. Then we did our skit, talked about really knowing God and tasted and experienced the pleasure of the mangoes. It was an awesome time! 

Written by Leonie Watts

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