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Stepping Out

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

We were out on the streets trying to connect with people to share Jesus. Two of us were heading to a seminar and on the way we only saw one person, a high school girl sitting at a bus stop. It didn’t look very promising but Slica stopped to talk (she’s great at starting conversations and being super friendly).

The girl was from a Chinese Buddhist background but she told us that her parents’ faith meant little to her and that she knew a little bit about the Bible from some Christian friends at school. Slica tried to keep the conversation going but it was a bit of a struggle.

Then we asked her “If you could have a miracle in your life today what would it be?” (Through this question sometimes people reveal their deepest need and we can pray for the power and love of God to come into that situation). She didn’t answer for a while and we were half expecting her to say “nothing” or similar. We were shocked by her openness when she replied “to transgender” (ie become a boy).

We asked more questions, listened to her, shared some of God’s heart and prayed for her. She seemed touched by our care and concern for the burden she was carrying. She gave us her contact details so we could ask some local believers to meet with her again.  From this experience we learned not only to take risks in conversations but also that issues like gender confusion and depression are faced by ordinary young people all over the world. 

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