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Two of our brilliant staff members Teresia & Benjamin took the opportunity to take part in CEIS - (Christian Education In Schools).

CEIS is a program that goes into schools and organises short sessions with participating students and shares the gospel with them.

It is a great enviroment for students to Seek, Question and Explore their own and other responses to Christianity. After their experience, our two staff had some great testimonies to share!

"We shared the parables of the Lost Sheep, Lost Coin and Lost Son. It was a great experience all around to share Jesus with the students and to be able to help mentor and assist the children through the program". - Benjamin

"As we shared the three parables to the students we explained that even though people are lost, God searches for them and he celebrates when he finds them! The set up of the program works with all learning styles so it reaches such a wide range of students". - Teresia

Both Benjamin & Teresia highly recommended this program for people to get involved in because it is a very important investment into the next generation. It is a great privilege to share Jesus with the younger ones in our nation!

Have you ever reached out to the next generation? Share your experiences with us!


Ft. Teresia & Benjamin

Written by: Josiah

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